Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Most of the time I can deal  with the minor discomforts that are part of this pregnancy; the nauseous  moments striking at anytime day or night followed with the urge to throw-up, the extreme feeling of tiredness like I can sleep forever, and sore and swollen boobies.  These are all beautiful things because I'm growing a baby in there, this is a good thing.  It is the newest addition that is a thorn in my side, heartburn.  You just gotta love that gastric acid.  Lucky for me my husband-to-be is so supportive and is on his way to the store to purchase me some sweet, sweet relief.  I also wonder if  this continues at a steady rate if this means our baby with be born with a full head of hair?  Haha!  The second trimester is around the corner and it's coming will hopefully alleviate the exhaustion and nausea.  Will be nice to have some energy back because  I have a lot to prepare for.

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