Friday, January 1, 2010

Bodily Changes

11 weeks and some days pregnant, I can intuitively feel my uterus getting ready to move.   It is stretching and getting ready for the journey.  The last twenty-four hours have been exhausting, so many miracles are happening within my body as it continues to create life.  This is what my body is made to do.  What an amazing responsibility we have to nourish this process.

Last night my dreams consisted of me being very, very busy at work.  It was quite overwhelming at first and I found myself falling behind, which brought a sense of stress.  A lot of stuff was going on all at once.  Eventually though, I began to maintain and find a sense of calm.  You can only move as fast as your body allows and then I started to catch up, gaining a sense of control over what I was doing.  I was able to juggle multiple things at once with a little grace.  It all makes a little more sense now.

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