Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time Has a Way of Slipping..

And it seems it has been a millennia since my last blog post.  Mamahood has a way of doing that.. time is a finicky thing when you are wrapped up in caring for wee ones.  It has been thirteen months, going on fourteen since the birth of my youngest son.  My eldest is now a junior in high school.  Indeed, how time does fly.  Stefen, my eldest, definitely makes me appreciate time with my youngest.  I know that it goes by in the blink of an eye.  It is important to slow down and cherish these moments that they are young and dependent on you.  Before you know it they will be independent young adults needing you less and less, getting ready to embark in the world on their own two feet with everything that you have taught them. Time.. oh time.  Not only do I need to slow down time in order to appreciate the moments I have with those that I love, I also need to find time for myself.

The life of a mother is seriously exhausting at times.  It is a never ending job with very little time for rest, at least in the beginning.  With that being said, this mama needs a vacation!  I am in serious need of recharge in order to continue moving forward with gusto.  This is a twenty-four hour job with very little downtime and all I can think about lately is sitting on a beach.  I just need to get away from the same 'ol, same 'ol rhythm that I find myself in.  Don't get me wrong, this rhythm has been good and very much necessary but I just need some spontaneity to feel a different kind of alive.  Just give me one hour on a beach alone and I could begin the journey back to my deeper self.  Where am I in all this mommy self?  How does one find time to reconnect with their deeper soul?  That is the hardest thing for me, how to turn off the mama and turn on the Amanthus.  How to RELAX!  How do you relax in midst the list that never seems to quit?  What do you do to reconnect with your deeper non-mama self?

Well.. need to end this post as I can hear Orlen has reached his limit with his papa.  Until the next time..