Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Boy!

Yesterday was a big day for Zac and me.  I had my midwife appointment and all was well.  The only thing that was lacking was my hydration, which was a first.  I've remedied that by drinking tons of water once again. My iron is right on and my blood pressure is right where I want it.  We tried to hear the babies heartbeat with a type of stethoscope but looks like it is still too early.  I'm okay with that.

Why not use a doppler you might ask?  After reading up on ultrasound technology I have decided to steer clear of it as much as possible.  With that being said, I did go to a doctor and have an ultrasound yesterday.  I felt that having ONE ultrasound performed in my second trimester would be okay.  In all my research I think you can run into problems when you use the technology early on in the first trimester of your pregnancy and when you overuse it throughout your pregnancy.  My reasoning for getting an ultrasound was to make sure our baby was one-hundred percent and if it wasn't, that we could be prepared.  If the survival of our baby depended on us being in a hospital, I wanted to know that was the best place to birth our baby.

Luckily, HE is wonderful.  His heart has all its chambers and is doing everything it should be. It was amazing to sit there and watch it beat.  His spine is all closed up, so no neural  tube defects.  All of his organs are looking good!  He has all five fingers on both hands and has super long legs. Obviously, he kept flashing his penis around and we now know he is a boy.  From a quick glimpse of his mouth, the doctor is fairly confident that he does not have a cleft lip.  Lil booger was stubborn and wouldn't move his hand.  We also now know that the placenta is good, umbilical cord is attached where we want it to be and there is plenty of fluid in there.  That will be positive information for our midwives.  All this brings confidence to me as we move forward with our homebirth plan.

I am happy that we ended up finding out the sex of our bebe.  I REALLY wanted a girl and it gave me an opportunity to mourn my fantasy, move on and be happy with the reality.  More than anything, I am happy that he's healthy.  I look forward to all the wonderful things he will be able to teach me and the ways in which he will help me grow as a person. Vice versa also,  I look forward to nurturing our lil' guy.  Stefen was happy with the news because he has being telling me all along that it was going to be a boy.  I think he was secretly hoping for a little brother.. heh.