Monday, May 17, 2010

Thirty-one Weeks

I am approaching 31 weeks in my pregnancy and the birthing experience is coming closer.  My body definitely feels engorged and my mobility is becoming more challenged.  It is so interesting being in this new body and experiencing all of these changes with such rapid progression.  The miracle of life indeed. 

As I continue to grow, my body is sending a clear message that I need to stop working. The days I do work, that is all I am able to do.  I spend the rest of my day not moving.  It will be nice to have uninterrupted time to begin the last steps of preperation for everything to come, moving at my own waddling pace.  This last week I only worked Saturday and Sunday and found myself developing a nice routine during the weekday.  I slept in, made breakfast, showered and then to the river park to take Granger for a little walk around our loop.  I have enjoyed our quiet walks of contemplation together.  It really is so peaceful.  Perhaps I will switch it up this week and go on our walks first.  Early morning might be a nice change of pace, especially as it starts to heat up.  Must be mindful of my body temperature.  Once I return home the rest of my day consists of running errands, cleaning and organizing around the house with small breaks of rest in between as needed.  Oh, and eating.  Really loving food right now!