Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bustling I Go!

I have found myself inspired by my dear friend Colleen.  She is a crafter of amazing products that nourish your body from the outside-in. You can find some of her products at www.greengirlbasics.com. My favorites happen to be her oatmeal-honey soap, lotions, body butter and hair gel.  Looking forward to trying some of her baby products in the future =)

She has helped set me on the path to making my own cleaning products =)  Why not, right?  I have ordered some castile oil and borax for some upcoming household cleaners. The rest of what you need is pretty basic stuff you can get at any grocery store; i.e. baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.  It's going to be so much fun!  I also ordered jojoba oil and distilled witch hazel.  Going to make me some baby bum wash for my own cloth baby wipes.  Getting all "Little House on the Prarie" around here.  Going to try my hand at water bath canning for all of the tomatoes we will hopefully have.  I've been reading Well-Preserved by Eugenia Bone and feel like that wouldn't be too much to accomplish this summer.  AND I have been thinking about baking sweet treats.  Yesterday was about cookies and a few days ago was all about the idea of a blueberry pie made with freshly picked blueberries from our bushes out back.

By the way.. can you tell I am starting to nest hardcore?  Haha!  Everyday the house becomes more organized and a little more deeply cleaned.  It is my way of preparing for the arrival of our little one.  Starting to feel the energy build up inside me.. my body swelling with it as it prepares to birth a soul.  Fucking wild man.

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