Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Today was a most amazing day! It snowed.. snowed and snowed some more. This is the first real snow I have experienced in Asheville and I have been here for four years. Was a super day spent with Stefen and Zac.

The day started with a hearty breakfast at Chez Zacariah. We sat and watched the snow fall outside and families with their sleds in hand. Zac even saw a guy cross country skiing down our street! As you can probably guess, they don't really plow the streets around here. Once our bellies were full and settled we were ready to get dressed for the elements.

My favorite part about the snow is it gives me an excuse to wear moon boots and my yeti hat. I get my under layers on, "the boots" and then suit up in my 70's style electric blue snowsuit. Next is the scarf, coat, "the hat" and gloves. I'm ready. I grab the plaid fleece I made Granger this morning, put it on him and now he's ready. Zac's ready. Stefen's ready. We are all ready.

We have a pretty killer snow hill in our yard and you can sled right on down to our neighbors fire pit. Sledding down the hill was a blast! As I would go down Granger would chase after me. He LOVES the snow. He would pounce in it, eat it, dive in it and just plow on through. Eventually we ended up by the fire warming our noses. Once warmed and Granger tuckered out, we headed up the hill. It was time for some hot chocolate and a nap.

Once rested and some more food in our bellies, we were ready for round two. We needed more water in our five gallon bottle and some vittles, so decided to head up to the little market in our neighborhood. We suited up again and headed out with the sled in tow and the empty five gallon bottle. It would come in handy on the walk back. The snow was so beautiful, fat flakes that looked like baby clouds. There was at least 10 inches and some places deeper where the wind had created drifts.

We arrived at the store and it was full of activity. People were jolly and buying beers and stocking up on some food for the night. We filled our basket with some snacks, refilled the water bottle and checked out. Then we headed back outside and loaded up the sled. With all the snow on the ground it was so easy to pull everything back home, and we have some steep hills.

On the way back home Stefen decided to start a snowball and it kept growing and growing. Eventually it became so big that he couldn't push it and it cracked. That was just the start of Stefen's snowball obsession. At that point we were about half way home. Next, I stopped and made a snow angel. I just LOVE snow angels. I enjoy looking up at the falling snow, feeling the little cold tinges upon my cheeks and the cool crispness of the snow underneath all of my layers. Zac helps me up and I can look upon my masterpiece! Few more moments we are back home and Stefen has started another snowball.

Next half hour the snowball gets larger and eventually becomes a gigantic base for a snowman. Stefen works on the second tier and Zac works on the last. With some muscles they lift the second not so gigantic but big snowball onto the gigantic one. The head of the snowman is placed on it's body. Some twigs for arms, a carrot for a nose, scarf for effect and we have a snowman! How fun.

We were just getting ready for another Chez Zacariah experience and the power went out. All of the snow and dropping temperatures were causing tree limbs to fall upon the electrical lines and wreak havoc. Suffice to say, we had a candle light dinner. The rest of the evening was spent snuggled underneath layers of blankets.

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